Shooting Leagues at Colorado Clays

League shooting is a great way to get together and spend an evening at the shooting range with friends, co-workers and acquaintances.  Leagues are also an excellent opportunity to further refine and hone your shooting skills, participate in some informal competition, and joust with fellow shooters in a friendly rivalry – and the camaraderie!  What a great way to unwind after a tough day at the office or on the job.  Colorado Clays currently runs two league seasons – during the spring and summer months.  Expand the sections below for more information about the different leagues we offer.

Trap League

Spring Trap League will be a 12-week league from March 20th until June 5th.  Summer Trap League will be a 10-week league starting June 12th and ending on August 14th, as long as there are no weather delays in the Spring schedule.

Email us at to add a team or join an existing team.

Please read the Rules and Regulations.

Spring Trap League Standings

Summer Trap League Standings

Sporting Clays League

Spring Sporting Clays League will be a 10-week league starting on March 20th.  Summer Sporting Clays League will be another 10-week league and will start immediately after the Spring Sporting Clays league.

Please read our Rules & Regulations.

Bowling Pin League

Summer Bowling Pin League will be a 10-week league on Thursdays from June 13th through August 22nd.  We will be off on July 4th.  Please email for more information or to register.  Cost is $20 per evening with $10 going to payouts for the top 3 shooters each night.  There will be a series point system with a grand prize going to the shooter with the most points throughout the league.  

We will be shooting steel plates that are shaped like bowling pins.  Each night will be a different course of fire.  You will shoot center fire pistols, rim fire pistols, rim fire rifles and shotguns throughout the league.  Guns are available to borrow, if needed.  Please let us know in advance.  More information about the 10 week course of fire can be found HERE.

Please read the Rules & Regulations.

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