Trap League Rules & Regulations

canThis league will be comprised of five (5) person teams shooting 2 rounds; 25 targets at the 16 yard line and 25 handicap targets for a total of 50 targets each night of league for 12 weeks in the Spring and 10 weeks in the Summer.

  • The first round will be shot from the 16-yard line. Individual handicaps of 70% will be used on scores 18.0 or higher. A handicap of 80% will be used on scores of 17.9 or less.
  • On the first night of league, the second round yardage will be determined by using the team average from the first round plus 2 yards. The trap score keepers will calculate this number.
  • For the remaining nights of league, the yardage distance will be determined by the team’s standing in the league. The first place team will shoot from the 27-yard line and the last place team will shoot from the 20-yard line. No yardage will be shot closer than the 20-yard line.


The league fees will include a $50 registration fee per team and $20.00 per shooter per night for a total of $250.00 per shooter for the entire league. From this fee, $16.00 will cover the cost of the targets, $1.00 goes to the league secretary fee and the balance of $3.00 goes into a point pay back fund for the end of the league. We encourage you to pay the entire league fee as soon as possible.  At a minimum, the first and last night’s fees are due on the first night of shooting.

Any shortages in team entry fees will be deducted from the point pay back fund. If a team owes more than the point payback can cover, the balance will be deducted from the league point pay back fund.

This league is a guaranteed bird league. All targets whether shot or not must be paid for.   

If a shooter gets more than two (2) weeks behind in paying, they will be ineligible to shoot until paid up.  They will receive a zero score, not a dog score and are not able to use a substitute. 


Scoring will be by the three-point method. The first point is awarded to the team with highest score plus their calculated handicaps (24 is the maximum). The second point is awarded the highest team score for the yardage round. The third point is awarded the team with highest total of both rounds. Ties will receive 1/2 point.


If the league has an odd number of teams, each team will receive one BYE night. The BYE night will be shot and paid for. The BYE week team will receive 3 wins. 

The shooting schedule will include two position rounds. Position rounds will be 1st place vs. 2nd, 3rd vs. 4th etc. Competition will be for three points. If two or more are tied, the team with the highest overall team average will be considered the higher team for position round only. If the league has an odd number of teams, the last three teams will compete for three points. All teams will shoot on position night.

Pre-shoot scores will be allowed for cases when you know you will miss a night during league.  They must be shot prior to the league night you are planning on missing and given to the league secretary in advance.  These scores will be used to determine team wins/losses.  It is preferred that you shoot those rounds no more than one week prior to the missed night so you will be shooting from the appropriate yardage for your second round.

Make‑up scores will also be allowed but previous team standing results will not be altered. A dog score will be used for your score if you miss a night and don’t have a pre-shoot score for that night.  It is preferred that you shoot those rounds no more than one week after the missed night so you will be shooting from the appropriate yardage for your second round.

Bank scores will not be allowed.  We encourage you to shoot with your team on league night if at all possible.  We understand there are situations where you will miss a night, and we believe planning a pre-shoot (a week before the missed night) or a make-up (a week after the missed night) gives you plenty of opportunity to get a score in for your team. 

Start times are as published on the league schedule. Teams can shoot earlier than the start time, but this does not require the next team to start early. Your team must be done shooting at your end time.  If you are not finished you must make up the remaining shots on a different day.  If a team starts with 4 shooters and the fifth shooter arrives prior to the team finishing post one, they can shoot the five targets and then the team will continue. However, if the team has finished post one, and shoot at a target on post two, then they will have to use a dog score and the missing shooter can only shoot the yardage round. Exception: if a trap is backed up due to mechanical problems, this rule does not apply.

Each event must be shot in 15 minutes or less for a total of 30 minutes for both rounds.



A team may have two (2) designated substitute shooters. No other shooter may shoot for a team except the designated substitutes. Protests concerning this rule, if upheld, will result in forfeiture.

Anyone not shooting in that league may be a substitute. All substitutes will establish their own average and handicap. Exception: A member in an A league team may not sub in the bottom league.

Dog Score:  A team may use a dog score for any missing shooter. The dog score will be the missing shooter’s average plus their individual handicap minus 2 targets for the singles round and the shooter’s yardage average minus 2 targets for the yardage round.

A team may replace one member of the team/substitutes one time during the league.

Unless declared before going out to shoot, all scores count. If anyone is simply shooting the targets for fun, a dog score must be used for that shooter and the league secretary must be notified before the targets are shot.

A team must have three (3) regular team members, including a dog score for the round to count. Two (2) or less constitutes a forfeit.



In each league, added money and payback funds will be given to the winning teams as follows:

  • 1st Place Teams: 40%
  • 2nd Place Teams: 30%
  • 3rd Place Teams: 20%
  • 4th Place Teams: 10%

Any shortages will be deducted from the total available.

In each league, an individual trophy will be awarded to:

  • 16‑yard High Overall Average Shooter
  • Yardage High Overall Average Shooter
  • Combined High Overall Average Shooter (Belt Buckle)

 The shooter must have shot at least 80% of the league to qualify for the Singles & Yardage trophies and 90% for the High Combined award.  Note: Shooters may only win one trophy.

  • Tiebreakers will be determined by the most 25’s per Singles/Yardage and then will be the longest runs of 25’s or 24’s and so on.



A club representative, prior to league, will check targets each week.

The shooters may not reset targets. If you feel a house is throwing bad targets, please see the club representative, league secretary or the club management for a ruling and possible change.

All shooters must wear eye and ear protection.

Protest committee consists of the league secretary, a representative from each league & an alternate from each league. The member whose league is involved will not vote. Each review should be done with an odd number of representatives and the secretary only votes in case of a tie.

ATA rules apply unless otherwise specified in these rules.




** Good luck and safe shooting!**


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